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Agendas & Minutes

Eliminate Word docs and inadvertent errors.                                     

Document Upload

Upload backup material directly to the agenda.                       

Public Engagement

Public comment made directly from agenda. Daily alerts for new comments.

Public Records Requests

Streamline public record requests, responses, and public access.                           

Easy user interface, accessible from anywhere, no Word doc formatting, easy 'one click' vote recording in minutes, quick tech support from actual humans. Saving time with agenda and minute creation and document management means you can focus on other duties.
Meet Our Team

Jon Kennedy, CEO

Jon Kennedy, founder and CEO, is an influential local government advocate with experience as a County Supervisor, City Manager, Non-Profit Director and serial entrepreneur. He’s assisted dozens of small agencies with Brown Act and Public Records Request guidance.

Jon noticed how cumbersome and time consuming it was to build agendas and write minutes. He saw how clerks worked in previous Word docs, inevitably resulting in errors and questionable compliance regarding action items. Jon not only solved that problem, he streamlined the entire process so that tasks that once took hours to complete now take only minutes.

Thủy Nguyễn, Lead Developer

Thuy is our lead developer and has been more than an integral part of creating CivAssist. Without Thuy, CivAssist wouldn’t be what it is today. He is full of creative ideas and has the skills to make just about anything happen.

Similar to other industry-specific Software as a Service (SaaS) programs, issues arise at the most inconvenient moments, often right before a deadline. However, unlike many software engineers, Thuy’s dedication extends beyond the typical Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 schedule. Whenever a bug emerges, Thuy promptly eliminates it, demonstrating remarkable efficiency.

"Janice", Tech Support

“Janice” is a fake person on our tech support team. Honestly, the work that went into simplifying the navigation of our software has resulted in a very low need for tech support, once the initial training is complete.

Our founder, Jon, is literally “Jonny” on the spot with immediate assistance. From anywhere, we can log on and see exactly what you’re looking at and provide immediate assistance.

Professional Documents In Minutes

The CivAssist agenda and minutes tool is a game changer. I used to dread creating agendas and recording minutes. This platform makes it easy to create and edit professional looking documents in minutes.

Hours Evaporated
My meeting ended five minutes ago and my draft minutes are done. A task that used to literally take me hours, has evaporated!
Debbie Ramirez
I Love That It Emails All Subscribers

The CivAssist tool has greatly reduced the time it takes to build our meeting agendas. I love that it emails the agendas to all subscribers, saving even more time.

A Few Of Our Happy Customers
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