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From small agencies to large, everyone loves CivAssist. Don't just take our word for it โ€” here's what our users have to say.
Professional Documents In Minutes

The CivAssist agenda and minutes tool is a game changer. I used to dread creating agendas and recording minutes. This platform makes it easy to create and edit professional looking documents in minutes.

Hours Evaporated
My meeting ended five minutes ago and my draft minutes are done. A task that used to literally take me hours, has evaporated!
I Love That It Emails All Subscribers

The CivAssist tool has greatly reduced the time it takes to build our meeting agendas. I love that it emails the agendas to all subscribers, saving even more time.

Incredible Timesaver

Using the up and down arrows to change the order of agenda items couldn’t be easier โ€” and an incredible timesaver.

Closed Session

Not having to bother our attorney every time we have a closed session item on the agenda is much appreciated.

Quick Support

I am fairly new to creating agendas and minutes that have to comply with the Brown Act. Being able to receive guidance almost immediately is priceless.

Emailed and Posted

Once I approve our agenda, I’m done. It’s emailed and posted to the website all at once โ€” just one click.

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